About the Artist

Ana Luciano or Ana Lu is a twenty-two-year-old artist and illustrator. She realized her natural inclination toward creating when at the age of three, she colored on the walls of her grandma's room. Unsatisfied, she continued coloring all the way to the dining room.

She is a graduate of the College of St. Benilde with a degree in Multimedia Arts, although her heart and hands still prefer the tradition of good old pen and paper. She brings her work to life through watercolor or digital painting.

Ana's art is marked by its femininity. Flower-filled and vibrant, it is striking in its delicate but sure-handed intricacy. Scour through her patterns and uncover thoughtfully placed bits and pieces – butterflies camouflaged by foliage, piles of paper cranes, even animals entangled in strings of beads. This attention to detail has become trademark to her purposeful style.

Ana's art has been published in Meg Magazine, where she was able to explore her skills in art direction. She's had a diverse set of clients and has produced a variety of work. Gig posters, cookbooks, product packaging, brand logos – you name it, and she's probably done three studies on it.

She currently works as an art teacher in basic education, exploring the power of art in inspiring young minds. Her current dream is to illustrate children's books which would help kids understand the complicated world around them, so that they may bloom wherever they are planted.

In her spare time, Ana still can't stop creating. She enjoys appreciating and making music, getting frustrated, trying out different mediums for her art, and just going where the world may take her.

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