September Freebies

As promised, here is a new set of freebies! This is just one of the ways I could give back as you continue to support my art and that really means a lot.

Download Narwhal iPhone X wallpaper
Download Narwhal iPhone 6 wallpaper

Download Castle iPhone X wallpaper
Download Castle iPhone 6 wallpaper

Download Whale iPhone X wallpaper
Download Whale iPhone 6 wallpaper


Love always,




P.S. Designs were chosen based on the Instagram poll! 

Summer ’18 Freebies

No, I haven’t given up on my blog or art. I’ve been detaching myself for the past couple of months  – creating new art, trying to avoid pressure and just going with the flow.

So many stories I want to share but I guess I’ll save all that for a different entry. Hope you love this new set of free wallpapers!

Download House phone wallpaper
Download Dolphin phone wallpaper

Download Ocean/Beach phone wallpaper
Download Sea/Space phone wallpaper


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2017: Strides

2017 – a year of many firsts, of twists and turns, of big decisions.

This year was unlike any other year. I started the year with big ambitions for my career as a freelance illustrator. I thought I had it all planned out but as always, God knew the things I needed to grow, learn and be the best version of myself.

Here’s a recap of 2017’s crazy rollercoaster of art events, favorite memories (even personal ones if you don’t mind) and dreams come true.


First BGC Art Mart (at the BGC Arts Center)

This was our very first art bazaar. It was our first time to practice setting up, source items for our booth – from the table cloth to the prints stands.

We’re grateful for the overwhelming response – almost all framed prints were out of stock. It was a memorable weekend of meeting new people – the Nañolas, Yana Ofrasio and more.

Mural at Cup Fiction

Nothing like having a delicious cup of coffee while doing a mural. Thank you, Saab for the opportunity!


First Gig Poster

Bucket list item checked!

No words for this. Since I was in high school, I’ve always dreamt of being a gig poster artist like JP Cuison and Tara McPherson.

Will forever be grateful to Saab for this! Solid lineup pa! Definitely one of the highlights of the year.


Sneak peek of an ongoing collab with Diwata


First Maker’s Market (at Central Square BGC) 
Watch out! Photobombers behind

We met new creative friends, Vitrum Bottles, Marielle and the Craft MNL Team.


New developed workspace

With the help of my mom (who works as an interior designer and contractor) and her craftsman Kuya Badong, my dream workspace has finally been made. I sketched and picked the colors and materials et voila my small studio has come to life.

Robby’s Graduation

This has got to be one of the happiest moments of the year. I’ll always be grateful having witnessed Robby’s journey over the years.


Australia Trip

No words for this trip. Just sharing a few photos! (Will post a photo blog tomorrow) Favorite city + favorite weather – probably the best two weeks of my life hahaha!

First prints delivered to Tasmania, Australia

We met Hannah who was on vacation in Manila at the BGC Art Mart last January. Who would’ve thought she would contact us right before we visit Sydney!


New home for 2017

One of 2017’s biggest surprises would probably be this – with the love for art comes the newfound love for teaching.

Grateful to Jesus for leading me to this path – getting to know almost 400 kids and sharing our love for arts and crafts.



Website launch

From comes It took quite a while to make but it was worth it.

The stats were far from expected. The support from family and friends really meant a lot – so thank you!

Katipunan Art Festival

This was my first to juggle both art bazaars and teaching. With the help of the organizers and meeting new creative minds, this weekend did not feel like work at all.


Exhibited for Bloom Arts Festival

Packaging for Real Scents

I got to work with one of my favorite clients – Real Scents for its holiday collection.


First Holiday Catalogue

I was able to come up with my very first holiday catalogue (as seen from my previous post).

Strides – a long, decisive step to a specific destination only God knew. I’m out of words except for thank yous. Thank YOU for 2017.

Excited for what 2018 will surprise us with!

Love always,

Holiday Catalogue 2017

As much as I try to make it look easy – juggling my day job (as an art teacher) and personal art is such a challenge. I continue to question myself – how do I even get the groove to draw anyway? How do I find time for personal art instead of rest, or binge-watch series on weekends?

Before I started teaching, I tried to focus on art alone, refused other freelance opportunities yet still struggled conceptualizing, illustrating and managing my time.

Just now, I realized how teaching inspired me to push myself learn and work hard on my art. It’s such a humbling experience to learn with and from your students. Whatever lack of inspiration there was from before, teaching continues to fill it at present.

So, thank YOU also for your help – may it be just simple words of affirmation or inspiring advice. (Not to be sappy) I wouldn’t be able to come up with new artworks and products if it weren’t for you.


200 each. Set of 6 for 800 pesos (Comes with free wrapping)

Illustrations are manually transferred on scrap wood to give a rustic vintage feel. The sides of the coaster are hand painted with gold. Designs are sealed so don’t worry! It won’t come off. 

Right photo by @mycat_ingrid of Instagram 

A5 (5.8 x 8.3 in) Prints

300 pesos each. 2 for 500 pesos. (Comes with an envelope and free Christmas tags)
Available illustrations: Bright Canopy, Wild Blossom, Key of F, Escape House,
Bird Set (3), Pink Bunny, Identity Crisis, Whispers

Numbered and signed limited prints on Old Mill Paper. Alas, framed A5 prints are sold out.

L-R: Piano print by @elijahpaper, KAF haul by @charmeeyu

Framed A4 (8.3 × 11.7 in) Prints

800 pesos (Comes with a brown paper bag with free Christmas tags)
Available illustrations: Bright Canopy, Wild Blossom, Pink Bunny, Escape House

Numbered and signed limited prints on Old Mill Paper.


Coloring Sheets (8.5 x 11 in)

100 pesos each. 3 for 200 pesos. (Comes with an envelope with Christmas tags.)

These are all the designs available. Let’s collab! Posting a free sheet soon.

Right photo by @elijahpaper 


40 pesos each. 3 for 100 pesos. High quality, water resistant and laminated.


Price available upon request.



“She thought the drops of water would wash her clean, instead her teardrops left a stain.
She was a victim of circumstance. 
And these stains blinded her from seeing that she will always be beautiful.”



Drops is my piece for our graduation show, Reframed, having “stories” as its theme. The center piece lineart is transferred on palochina blocks with the help of Crafts with Soul.
The rest are painted using acrylic paint. 
“Wild and Bright”
Wild and Bright is a watercolored illustration on 12″x18″ watercolor paper. 
“Bright Canopy”

Watercolor and Pen 6 x 8.5 in
“Wild Blossom”


Watercolor and Pen 6 x 8.5 in


For inquiries, email me at!


Early Christmas Treat

Twenty days left before Christmas! Before I post the holiday catalogue, here’s an early gift of gratitude for the year 2017. Grateful for everyone who continue to inspire, motivate and encourage.

Download Christmas Penguin phone wallpaper
Download Christmas Tree phone wallpaper

Download Christmas Penguin desktop wallpaper

Download Christmas Tree desktop wallpaper

Posting the holiday catalogue in a while (+ another treat for you!).


Thank you for sending screenshots from the freebie post! It really means a lot. The number of downloads was far from expected. Thank you, thank you! 🙂

Love always,


Besides creating an artwork or writing a card, I used to think that giving grand gifts was the best alternative in making someone feel special during Christmas (especially when running out of gift ideas).

I resort to this alternative thinking that I don’t have enough time to create something special and handmade for everyone. But what if someone else could do it for you? What if someone else can passionately work on his/her craft and fulfill your gift needs at the same time?

This Christmas season, I hope we can all join this movement of supporting passionate minds and homegrown hands. Let’s #GoHomegrown!

There are so many gift ideas I want to share but I guess, I’ll save the others for another blog post.

For your fangirl/fanboy friend

Paper Pirate Ship
Instagram: @paperpirateship
Facebook: paperpirateship

Star Wars, Rick and Morty, Moana, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones – you name it! Paper Pirate Ship probably has any famous show you could think of. Check out some of her sticker sets!

For the inspiration seeker

Write Designs
Instagram: @writedesigns

If you love to spread positivity, this gift’s perfect for you. Write Designs has high quality decals you can stick anywhere – from your laptop to even your window. You can literally fill your world with these optimistic messages!

(Promise, it’ll last for a long time. I’m a witness!)

For the lover of creative spaces

Vitrum Upcycled Bottles and Crafts
Instagram: @vitrumbottles
Facebook: vitrumupcycledbottles

As a lover of spaces, this one’s a favorite! Vitrum makes use of used materials like wine bottles, copper wires and things you’ll find in junk shops.

These lamps are one of a kind. After every bazaar, Vitrum dismantles all its pieces to create a brand new design. You can even have it customized!

PS Crafts with Soul
Instagram: @ps.craftswithsoul
Facebook: ps.craftswithsoul

Pia Suiza, one of my friends in the community, quit her corporate job just to pursue what she loves doing.

Her products are perfect for small spaces – perhaps, your small workspace. If you love decorating but not have your own place yet (like me!), you can start with these items.

For the scent connoisseur

Real Scents PH
Instagram: @realscentsph
Facebook: realscentsph

What I love about scents is that it reminds me of different memories. Make memories more memorable with Real Scents. It makes use of all natural scents without harmful chemicals.

Check out her holiday gift sets!

For the foodie

Village Breadhouse
Instagram: @villagebreadhouse
Facebook: VillageBreadhouse

Everyone loves food – it’s one of the safest gift ideas especially if you don’t know the person you’ll give to, too well. My mom and titas are always the type to give food packages during Christmas. Growing up, I realized how practical it is!

Village Breadhouse is one of my favorites especially for palaman!

For the adventurous yuppie

Talitha Artisanal Gifts
Instagram: @talithaAG
Facebook: talithaAG

An architect and crafter, my friend Tal Jalandoni also quit her day job to focus on her craft. These leather products are perfect for the artsy adventurer!

You can even have yours personalized.

P.S. I really love the guitar strap!! 

For your favorite niece or nephew

Gantsilyo Manila
Instagram: @gantsilyo_mnl
Facebook: gantsilyomanila

Double the love by giving these uniquely handmade pieces!

For the art enthusiast

AR Manalo
Facebook: thewalkingartwork

From nursing, AR Manalo pursued his passion for painting instead. One of my favorite artists – not only because of his works but because of how he works.

If you’ve saved up, there’s nothing like giving an original piece to a loved one.

This December, make every gift count twice. Share love to family and friends, and also to small businesses that keep on creating. #GoHomegrown

Katipunan Art Festival 2017

Two years ago, I was fortunate enough to participate in the very first Katipunan Art Festival as an exhibitor. I remember exploring different booths at the art fair – looking up to local illustrators, crafters, makers.

This year, we get to be a part of that same magical feeling that the other artists made me feel. (and it’s our first time in the north!)


Here’s a sneak peek of new illustrations for KAF 2017!
New prints – introducing our new friend

New set of stickers using a different art style

There are so many things to look forward to KAF 2017 – live art, free workshops (yes, freee!), gigs, exhibits, you name it! It’s an exciting weekend you sure wouldn’t want to miss.

Here’s the schedule of events. Take note, KAF has different venues around Katipunan so it would be nice to have a reference!




See you there? 🙂

Art of Ana Lu is back!

I’m so excited to share that my website is back! (Yaaay!) – now,

A big thank you to everyone who ceaselessly support Art of Ana Lu, not only in art bazaars, exhibits but even online. You continue to inspire me to work on my craft. I hope this little space in the web helps you work on whatever keeps you going as well! Whatever that passion of yours is, hold onto it. Never give up and keep creating!

Here’s a small gift for you – free phone wallpapers! 🙂
Bringing back works from 2012 to 2015 and adding new ones from recent works.

Download cactus pattern
Download Create
Download Phantasmagoria

Download Aquaria (Mermaid)
Download Keep Swimming (Turtle)

Download Treehouse
Download Key of F


Peace and love,