2017: Strides

2017 – a year of many firsts, of twists and turns, of big decisions.

This year was unlike any other year. I started the year with big ambitions for my career as a freelance illustrator. I thought I had it all planned out but as always, God knew the things I needed to grow, learn and be the best version of myself.

Here’s a recap of 2017’s crazy rollercoaster of art events, favorite memories (even personal ones if you don’t mind) and dreams come true.


First BGC Art Mart (at the BGC Arts Center)

This was our very first art bazaar. It was our first time to practice setting up, source items for our booth – from the table cloth to the prints stands.

We’re grateful for the overwhelming response – almost all framed prints were out of stock. It was a memorable weekend of meeting new people – the Nañolas, Yana Ofrasio and more.

Mural at Cup Fiction

Nothing like having a delicious cup of coffee while doing a mural. Thank you, Saab for the opportunity!


First Gig Poster

Bucket list item checked!

No words for this. Since I was in high school, I’ve always dreamt of being a gig poster artist like JP Cuison and Tara McPherson.

Will forever be grateful to Saab for this! Solid lineup pa! Definitely one of the highlights of the year.


Sneak peek of an ongoing collab with Diwata


First Maker’s Market (at Central Square BGC) 
Watch out! Photobombers behind

We met new creative friends, Vitrum Bottles, Marielle and the Craft MNL Team.


New developed workspace

With the help of my mom (who works as an interior designer and contractor) and her craftsman Kuya Badong, my dream workspace has finally been made. I sketched and picked the colors and materials et voila my small studio has come to life.

Robby’s Graduation

This has got to be one of the happiest moments of the year. I’ll always be grateful having witnessed Robby’s journey over the years.


Australia Trip

No words for this trip. Just sharing a few photos! (Will post a photo blog tomorrow) Favorite city + favorite weather – probably the best two weeks of my life hahaha!

First prints delivered to Tasmania, Australia

We met Hannah who was on vacation in Manila at the BGC Art Mart last January. Who would’ve thought she would contact us right before we visit Sydney!


New home for 2017

One of 2017’s biggest surprises would probably be this – with the love for art comes the newfound love for teaching.

Grateful to Jesus for leading me to this path – getting to know almost 400 kids and sharing our love for arts and crafts.



Website launch

From analuciano.com comes artofanalu.com. It took quite a while to make but it was worth it.

The stats were far from expected. The support from family and friends really meant a lot – so thank you!

Katipunan Art Festival

This was my first to juggle both art bazaars and teaching. With the help of the organizers and meeting new creative minds, this weekend did not feel like work at all.


Exhibited for Bloom Arts Festival

Packaging for Real Scents

I got to work with one of my favorite clients – Real Scents for its holiday collection.


First Holiday Catalogue

I was able to come up with my very first holiday catalogue (as seen from my previous post).

Strides – a long, decisive step to a specific destination only God knew. I’m out of words except for thank yous. Thank YOU for 2017.

Excited for what 2018 will surprise us with!

Love always,

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