Summer ’18 Freebies

No, I haven’t given up on my blog or art. I’ve been detaching myself for the past couple of months  – creating new art, trying to avoid pressure and just going with the flow.

So many stories I want to share but I guess I’ll save all that for a different entry. Hope you love this new set of free wallpapers!

Download House phone wallpaper
Download Dolphin phone wallpaper

Download Ocean/Beach phone wallpaper
Download Sea/Space phone wallpaper


Love always,



Art of Ana Lu is back!

I’m so excited to share that my website is back! (Yaaay!) – now,

A big thank you to everyone who ceaselessly support Art of Ana Lu, not only in art bazaars, exhibits but even online. You continue to inspire me to work on my craft. I hope this little space in the web helps you work on whatever keeps you going as well! Whatever that passion of yours is, hold onto it. Never give up and keep creating!

Here’s a small gift for you – free phone wallpapers! 🙂
Bringing back works from 2012 to 2015 and adding new ones from recent works.

Download cactus pattern
Download Create
Download Phantasmagoria

Download Aquaria (Mermaid)
Download Keep Swimming (Turtle)

Download Treehouse
Download Key of F


Peace and love,